CLAIRE & MARINO | SWITZERLAND ~ wedding in RAVELLO, amalfi coast

Elisabetta, thank you for giving us the most wonderful wedding gift; the gift of eternal memory. Looking at the images you shot instantly transports us back to the best weekend of our lives. They are absolutely exquisite. Elisabetta, it immediately felt as though we have known each other for a long time. You are such a kind, warm and gentle soul.

May your life be filled with all the love, light and laughter that you bring to others through your incredible work.

You are amazing.

Sending all our love, Claire & Marino



Hi Eli! It's hard to describe how elated we feel discovering this set of photos. There are so many moments we missed in the rush of the big day. Your photos are truly an incredible way to look back and relive the sensations without the stress. We love the pictures of our family, our friends, the table, the ceremony, the laughter, and all the intimate moments we didn't know were going on around us. The shots are breathtaking. We couldn't be happier.

Thank you again Eli. We really mean it.

Hi Elisabetta! We just went through the latest batch of photos that you sent us, covering the Tea Ceremony. We felt like reliving that morning, the atmosphere, the warmth of the weather, with everyone around us. It's an amazing feeling! Especially on this cold winter day in New York.

Thank you so much for all these amazing photos. We keep looking at them, we love them so much. Your eye brought back details we had either forgotten or overlooked in the heat of the moment. Some photos made us laugh; a lot made us feel nostalgic. We can't wait to share all these shots with everyone around us. They're truly beautiful.

Sending kisses from NY!

Nikola & Nicolas



Elisabetta, Manuele and I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the beautiful work you put into our wedding, it was an all-encompassing journey! Your expertise and invaluable guidance made the whole shooting stress free and sooo much fun. I don't know how we could have ever done it all without you. You are always looking to explore and reveal raw emotions, and capture true magic and compelling candid moments in between.

You are a truly beautiful person inside and out and we were so lucky to have you documented every second of our special day truthfully.
Grazie mille! G+M


Elisabetta, We LOVEEEE all the pictures! Omg you are the best, you have a great eye, you are a beautiful person inside and out and we are so pleased that we shared our moment with someone like you. Remember, Do NOT forget to let me know when you are in Toronto, we would love to see your face again!
We can't wait for our album too! Lots of hugs from us!

Hi Elisabetta, we received your beautiful prints box and all the hardcopies and we received our folio album. We love the result and all your amazing work. I love every single picture of that special day you took... I am glad we met you... we may bump in to each other in the future, you never know!
All the best love and again thank you so much for everything.



Hi Elisabetta, Wow, wow, wow Andrew and I want to say how incredibly lucky and happy we feel. These images are absolutely beautiful and bring back every single memory; thank you so much for all of your hard work! EVERYONE thinks they are stunning and reminiscent of a Vogue shoot (I think they look better).
You are amazing!

Oh my goodness, where do we start! Everything is presented so beautifully. We are truly blown away by the level of deatil in every single element of your stunning wedding pack. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts! You've made our wedding day everlasting!
Much love, Andrew & Hazel