My work as a professional photographer gives me opportunities that sometimes blow my mind. I meet people that allow my camera to look straight into their eyes and bring out what’s in their soul.  I get to photograph couples that end up stealing a little piece of my heart. I visit places that I never knew existed, and those I do bring up new emotions each and every time. And sometimes, even when I work on commercial projects that you’d think have nothing to do with nature, with love, with emotions, I come away more inspired than I have ever been…  

There is some incredibly creative talent out there.  

One such talent is Betty Soldi. Betty is a calligrapher and graphic designer like no other. She intertwines the timeless lines of calligraphy with modern graphic design touches, to create work that is truly unique in its form.  

I have worked with her many times, and each and every time has felt exciting and inspiring. But being asked by Betty to shoot for her new book, “Inkspired”, has felt like a true honour and a privilege.  

So much graciousness and poetry goes into every detail of what Betty does. I hope that through my pictures you will see how much bringing that poetry to life has meant to me…


Betty says: “My Inkspired book is about the power of words, those thought and unsaid, but written and expressed, and the white spaces in between.”

“Inkspired is about the beauty of how handwriting makes you feel (…). The aim of the book is, ultimately, to bring writing to life finding original ways to sprinkle personal touches into the everyday (…).”

Inkspired pp(1).png

Published by Kyle Books, Inkspired is now out in the UK and can be purchased on Amazon and Kyle Books.

Thank you Betty Soldi for yet another opportunity to work with you and to be inspired by your art.


Image by Elisabetta Marzetti Photography of Inkspired
Betty Soldi’s calligraphy book