A new project is on the horizon, one designed to push my boundaries, connect me with new creative souls and explore a different world through my photography.

A project that kicks off with a collaboration that makes me happy from within, because it allows my passion for photography, food, flowers, travels, people and creativity to merge into one. Honestly, can you think of anything better?

A few days ago I met with Valentina Solfrini, the writer of a beautiful Italian cooking blog called Hortus Cusine. In Valentina’s words, Hortus is “a blog that tells stories of times gone by, and of plant-based recipes lost and found. [A blog that translates her] favourite Italian moments into stories: a man entering his inner court garden into an old, secluded villages to pick a lemon and dress his salad; an espresso enjoyed sitting at a café in an old square; a glass of wine accompanying a dinner made of foraged local ingredients, and a deep, unfathomable love for all those moments that still survive in one of the most exciting and controversial countries in the world, and that run the risk of being lost.”

I was intrigued, and as I went through her blog, I was hooked. Her style, not just cooking or styling, but of photography too, told me something incredible: we both love playing with light through our images and capturing our subjects, be it people or a cooking scene, in a way that feels authentic, raw, and almost mystical. It felt like a match made in heaven.

When you find someone who has so much affinity with you you cannot help but say “When do we start doing something together?”

And so, just last week, Valentina and I met up to create a new story, through my lens and through her new cooking project. In connection with Valentine’s Day, Valentina decided to tell the story of her first love through a new recipe and my photography. I’m so proud of the results, and can’t wait to share even more pictures with you on her blog.

And so, my new project called "Jardin privé" is born: throughout the next few months I will be working alongside fellow creatives of different disciplines (florists, artisans, chefs, designers, etc.) to capture their world and artistry in their own creative environment.

It will be a way to challenge my creative skills, look at my subjects from a different angle and tell new stories I’ve never had an opportunity to tell before.

I want to work with you, creative people - coming into your own world and capturing the magic you create. I can’t wait to meet you soon!