A retro, seaside wedding in Amalfi, Italy



I meet so many brides and grooms every year. Every wedding is different. Every wedding is beautiful in its own way. Every wedding is “sentito,” as we say in Italian - touching, emotional… But what’s even more beautiful is when a wedding is the perfect reflection of a couple’s personalities. That is when my heart races in excitement because I know I have the duty (and pleasure) to make sure I capture each and everyone of those details that my couple has poured their heart and soul into crafting.

Eleonora & Gianluca’s wedding in the stunning Amalfi coast is the epitome of what you’d call a “personal” wedding - every detail, studied to tell their story.

They wanted to get married somewhere by the sea, and after some research they chose a stunning villa in Vietri sul Mare, with a terrace with views of the Salerno Gulf to take your breath away!

Gianluca took care of all the aesthetic elements of their wedding, giving them retro accents with gentle nods to the 50s, highlighting everything they love about that bygone era. From a vinyl DJ set of Roxy Rose, to silver candelabra, a 1950s inspired wedding dress, and a bride’s entrance to the notes Elvis’ “Love Me Tender.”

Wanting to look after every detail, and with the fact that Gianluca and Eleonora live in Milan, they asked friends and family to help them finalising the plans for their Amalfi wedding. A dear friend took charge of their flowers - an abundance of white and lots of flowery plants, rather than individual flower compositions, dressed their ceremony and reception tables. Even the wedding favours were designed and made by Gianluca and Eleonora, to make sure that each and every aspect of their wedding was a perfect reflection of their taste.


GRAZIA Italy recently interviewed my bride and groom. At the question: “What’s the funniest and the most beautiful memory you have?” Eleonora replied: “On the morning of the wedding we went to our wedding venue to get ready together and keep an eye on the set up. As we were driving, it started raining, and it rained more and more as we got closer. By the time we arrived it was pouring so much that all we could do was laugh. It rained for hours… but just as the ceremony was due to start, the sun came out and from that moment onward all we have is the most beautiful memories. The best thing about our wedding is that we chose to invite only the most important people - we truly felt that they were there FOR us, and that was an incredible feeling.”

I can’t begin to tell you how much I love weddings with an intimate feel - Gianluca and Eleonora truly nailed it everything I love about weddings.

Thank you both for giving me an opportunity to be there and witness your love.