One:one mentoring sessions are tailored by me for photographers that were requesting a more specialized day as apposed to a group class.

Each session starts off with a heart-to-heart consult & portfolio review, then we will cover everything from: inspiration, creating a moodboard, shooting a bride , posing, to workflow and editing.

For half of the session we actually shoot a session together with a model, work with clients interaction and get images to share on your portfolio, website or social media.

You will get hands on experience and will have time fot every kind of Q&A. At the end of the day I want you to feel deeply motivated and inspired and able to produce touching images.

All sessions are held in Florence
at SoprArno Suites, inside one of THE WONDERFUL Deluxe Room

SoprArno Suites is a boutique hotel with ten spaces designed to enjoy an unsual Florence. Each room has a unique style with furniture especially sourced, designed or crafted alongside antiques from Tuscany and elsewhere.

My friends Betty Soldi and Matteo Perduca have filled this space with antique furniture and bespoke works of art that will be part of our shoot.


One:one mentoring session / € 2000
**includes a half day shoot with a professional model


SoprArno is in the Renaissance heart of the more artisanal Florentine neighbourhood of Oltrarno just a hop and a skip from the main centre. Palazzo PItti is around one corner, Piazza Santo Spirito around another.

Santa Trinita bridge is at the bottom of the street and from the view of the Arno river there you can see the Pontevecchio and Piazzale Michelangelo up above. Cross the bridge and you are in Via Tornabuoni, the beautiful fashion street – keep going all the way to Palazzo Vecchio and the main Duomo square. Palaces, piazzas, bridges, museums, art galleries and churches – but also cafes, restaurants, shops and spaces are all to be discovered walking and exploring.

SoprArno is on the first and second floors of a building and internal courtyard which dates from the 1200′s and used to belong to the Velluti family.

All of Via Maggio is studded with splendid buildings, very much due to the Vellutis who created a throughfare in what was then countryside. Over the centuries, the Via “Maggiore” became the main route to and from Rome, which as ever was the centre of political and religious life, and the wealthy Florentine families tried to outdo each other by building the grandest palazzo next to each other.



"Elisabetta è stata come un'amica dalla quale vai quando ti senti giù di morale e quando torni a casa ti sembra di aver risolto tutti i problemi del mondo.  Non è facile raccontare le sensazioni, le emozioni, la motivazione e la forza della sua passione che mi sono portata dentro al termine di questa intensa giornata.  I consigli, il suo sorriso rassicurante, la dolcezza con cui ti spiega il suo mondo, questo e molto altro conservo per me. E adesso ho voglia di scattare, applicare  le informazioni raccolte, cambiare il mio modo di vedere, oppure meglio aggiungere al mio modo di vedere qualcosa di più per creare immagini migliori.  Non basta un semplice Grazie. Poter entrare per un giorno nel suo mondo è stato per me un regalo davvero prezioso."

"Elisabetta was like one of those friends you go to when you feel down - you get back home feeling like all your problems have vanished.  As my day with her ended, I realised that her passion transmitted feelings, emotions and a drive within me that I cannot find the words to describe.  I will never forget the counsel, her reassuring smile and her kindness as she took me through her world. All I want to do now is shoot, apply everything I've learnt, change the way I see things, or even better, add more depth to the way I view things so I can shoot even better images.  A simple thank you would never be enough. Being able to enter Elisabetta's world for a day has been like a precious gift."


"Conserverò a lungo la sensazione che ho provato al termine della giornata di workshop con Elisabetta. Amo da sempre la fotografia, ma dopo ore trascorse con lei a discutere, confrontarci, scattare ed imparare mi sono sentita più ispirata e motivata che mai. Il workshop è stato perfetto e del tutto personalizzato: mi ha aiutato a rivedere il mio portfolio, abbiamo scattato in una location meravigliosa in compagnia di una bellissima modella, parlato di marketing,  organizzazione di shooting, tecnica fotografica, emozione ed editing. Elisabetta è stata un mentore vulcanico e sento davvero di essere tornata a casa professionalmente arricchita e cresciuta."

"I will remember for a long time how I felt after the workshop with Elisabetta. I've always loved photography, but after having a long conversation with her, sharing ideas, taking pictures and learning I felt more inspired and motivated than ever. The workshop was perfect and very customized: she helped me how to review my portfolio, we took pictures on a great location with a gorgeous model, we spoke about marketing, shooting organization, photographic technique, emotion and editing. Elisabetta has been a volcanic mentor and really, I feel I came back home enriched and grown up from a professional point of view"


"Trovo i lavori di Elisabetta intensi ed emozionali ed è proprio questo che mi ha spinto a partecipare ad un suo workshop.Ero alla ricerca di una visione più personale e femminile ed Elisabetta, con la sua disponibilità nel condividere la propria esperienza, mi ha aperto gli occhi verso un nuovo modo di vedere la fotografia è di leggere la luce naturale. Non posso fare altro che ringraziarla ancora della magnifica esperienza istruttiva e soprattutto umana."

"I find Elisabetta's work intense and emotional - that's what made me decide to attend her workshop.  I was hoping to develop a more personal and feminine approach; by sharing her experience, Elisabetta has opened my eyes to a different way of looking at photography and using natural light.  I can't thank her enough for the incredible experience - both from an educational, and a human point of view."